Our consulting company, American Roof Consulting Services, specializes in managing large construction projects; like re-roofing an entire homeowner association, or the rebuild of each unit’s bathroom/s due to a construction defect settlement, to name just a couple.

We also provide inspection services for those clients wanting to have an evaluation of the condition of the roofs, decks, gutters, siding, etc. on their building(s), or simply wish to develop a budget for reserve purposes.

Need a scope-of-work and specifications for re-roofing or other large construction projects?  We can help.

Legal support?  We can provide expert witness services to those clients wishing to solve water entry or other construction defect issues.

Here’s a quote from the CACM Law Journal:

“Be proactive. Invest in a construction professional, such as an experienced general contractor or construction manager who deals with aging properties. Have him or her review the construction conditions and make recommendations as to which ones should be dealt with in the near future. Prioritize what repairs need to be made within the next five years.”