We provide expert witness help to Homeowner Associations and Commercial Building owners in need of these services.

Our contracting company, ARC Services, sees so many construction defects while repairing roofs, decks, siding and other major building components that we strongly recommend every building owner whether it be Homeowner Association or Commercial Building owner have their roofing, decking and siding systems inspected prior to the building(s) reaching 10 years of age, the statute of limitations on construction defect lawsuits.


We offer litigation support for those building owners who believe they have construction defects.  Included in this area would be visual inspections, leak investigations, water testing, destructive testing and the necessary written reports and testimony in court as applicable.



In the case of an Association or other building owner that has had remedial work done on their units after the original builder such as a re-roofing, new decking systems installed, new windows installed or new siding installed, etc., we can review the specifications provided by the contractor to check compliance with applicable building codes, trade standards or manufacturer’s installation specifications and advise the client of compliance issues, if any.