PHASE I: Survey, Evaluation & Budget

RE-ROOFING PROJECTS:  This process consists of visiting the HOA to inspect and evaluate the roofing system on every unit in the project.  While on site, we measure and draw the roof plan for one of each model type in the complex.  Our field drawings are used to develop CAD drawings (click on the drawing at the left for a look at an actual drawing) which are used to create square footage for budgetary purposes. 
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PHASE II: Material Selection / Specification

As a “hands on”, licensed roofing contractor and general contractor, we have extensive knowledge of the many and varied roofing materials.  We are an independent organization and are not affiliated with any material maker, so we will assist you in the identification and selection of roofing materials that will best suit your needs for your buildings.

RE-ROOFING PROJECTS:  There are many roofing material suppliers making over 100 roofing products in today’s market and quite frankly, some are better suited to specific applications than others…..though some contractors and material makers tend to think that their roofing product is the best for every situation and will tell you so.   More . . . .


PHASE III: Contractor Selection

RE-ROOFING PROJECTS:  We’ve found that sometimes, if a roofing contractor is a bit short on work, they may present themselves to their potential customers as experts in the installation of whatever roofing product the customer is considering.  We have not found a contractor yet that installs all roofing products with equal excellence.  More . . . .


PHASE IV: Project Management

RE-ROOFING PROJECTS:  We oversee the installation process with daily job site visits to each unit being re-roofed to ensure identification and correction of problems with regard to the project procedures and quality of workmanship.  We maintain a daily log of our findings complete with photos.

We also set up payment procedures, handle all of the necessary paperwork and create a re-roof completion file for every building that has been re-roofed.


We use the same approach as detailed above for managing other construction projects.

Consulting Photos: Re-Roof Project
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Consulting Photos: Construction Defect Bathroom Rebuild
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Consulting Photos: Carport Re-Roof and R&R
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