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: This process consists of visiting the HOA to inspect and evaluate the roofing system on every unit in the project. While on site, we measure and draw the roof plan for one of each model type in the complex. Our field drawings are used to develop CAD drawings (click on the drawing at the left for a look at an actual drawing) which are used to create square footage for budgetary purposes. . . .

                                                                                      . . . . We also use these detailed drawings for quality control purposes during the re-roof management process. Photos are taken of significant details and a written report is created. Included in the report are our findings and recommendations along with re-roof and / or repair budgets as applicable. We meet with the board of directors to present our findings and discuss their options for future action.

OTHER RECONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: We use the same approach for other construction projects as details above, i.e. survey and evaluate the property feature in question, such as wood siding, carports, a recreational building remodel, etc., develop a budget and meet with the Board of Directors to determine future action.