As a “hands on”, licensed roofing contractor and general contractor, we have extensive knowledge of the many and varied roofing materials. We are an independent organization and are not affiliated with any material maker, so we will assist you in the identification and selection of roofing materials that will best suit your needs for your buildings.

FOR RE-ROOFING PROJECTS: There are many roofing material suppliers making over 100 roofing products in today’s market and quite frankly, some are better suited to specific applications than others…..though some contractors and material makers tend to think that their roofing product is the best for every situation and will tell you so.  . . . .

                                                                             . . . . Do you know that some roofing materials aren’t water proof and rely on “under layments” such as roofing paper to produce a water proof roofing system?

Do you know that some roofing materials are too heavy for some buildings and require structural re-enforcement?

Do you know that some roofing systems last longer than others, resist wind, water and foot traffic better than others, resist earthquakes and fire better than others, are more costly to maintain than others?

Do you know that some of the more expensive roofing materials are actually less expensive over time, i.e., they have a lower “life cycle” cost?

After selecting a material, we will provide a scope of work and specification package for your approval containing drawings and narrative, as necessary, specific to the installation of the selected roofing material and its components.


Again, we use the same approach to selecting basic building components as we use for selecting other construction materials.