We began doing carpentry work over a dozen years ago, primarily to exterior surfaces like wood fascia, wood trim, wood siding and wood window trim, again at the request of our property managers.  We have become “the guys that get to re-repair” the incorrect work of other contractors who didn’t really have a good understanding of exterior water proofing.  In many cases, our property managers would first call their favorite general contractor and have them perform exterior wood repairs to items like wood fascia due to termite or water damage, aka “dry rot”.  In most, if not all cases, wood fascia is part of and an integral component of the roofing system.  In many situations, if one removes the wood fascia incorrectly, then re-installs it, water entry will be the result.

In other situations, the well meaning but unknowing general contractor can remove and replace the “dry rotted” wood fascia and does not address the reason that the wood fascia has become water damaged, which is normally caused by a roof or deck performance problem.  If the roof or deck performance problem is not remedied, the client will get to pay for the repair again in a few years.


See how much of the roofing system is involved in this Fascia Replacement project…